Sitting on a plane doesn’t quite have the same feeling as being at home, but the industry is working hard to address comfort at elevations of 30K.  Unfortunately, space will always be limited. However, the aviation industry can focus the rest of the experience.  Flat screen TV? Check. Movies on demand? Check. Charge your electronics while flying? Yes, check.  Snacks just down the hall? Absolutely. You can even get a blanket, if you want one. Next time you fly take a closer look. More than just these few small creature comforts, there are other changes taking place. Improvements that may not impact your specific seat amenities, but do impact your overall on-board experience. That’s design.

Mohawk_Group_Air_Brochure-2Interior design plays a very big part in your air travel experience. From sleek storage bins to metallic finishes to the soft glow of LED lighting, the plane’s interior is always evolving. Airlines understand we have a choice when selecting an airline, and with more emphasis on design, they can create cabins to be inviting and comfortable places for travelers. Similar to what we see in the hotel industry, airlines understand travelers prefer to spend time and money in an environment where comfort is key.

How does this impact our team at Mohawk Group Aviation?  Well, as designers look to create a unique cabin interior, flooring is a huge piece of the puzzle. Designers are using accent colors in the carpet to tie the overall interior to corporate branding. In some instances, designers select tonal carpet in soft neutrals to instill a sense of luxury.  Seams and transition strips are going away in order to create a wall-to-wall aesthetic, as if you were at home.  Some airlines are even installing cushioning underfoot in higher end cabins such as First Class and Business Class. Instead of flooring being viewed as a product that fades away, it is being used to connect design, branding and comfort.

As a leader in the flooring industry, and specifically in the aviation market, Mohawk Group offers designers products specific to the aviation market that can help to create unique, comfortable, spaces, which ultimately help improve business and create positive customer experiences.  It’s a trend we are excited about both as flooring manufacturers and as travelers!  Now, if only we could widen those seats.