See why designers love their Material Bank x Mohawk Group sample experience in this partnership spotlight featuring designers from Network Next Gen.

What do designers want in the material sampling process? Efficiency and sustainability. And we put a high value on meeting the needs of the design community. That’s why we made approximately 1,000 of our Mohawk Group SKUs across hard and soft surface flooring available through the world’s largest architectural and design materials resource – and free service for industry professionals – Material Bank.

While the array of samples arrives to designers in a box, the innovative approach to sampling is most certainly out of the box.

We asked Network Next Gen, a community supporting 20’s and 30’s in the design industry, to share their thoughts by way of their Unboxing Program – a series of fun videos where they partnered with Material Bank to showcase sampling a variety of products, including Mohawk Group! Here’s what they had to say:

Meet Interior Designer Annie Portner from HLW in New York City.

Material Bank is perfect for her because, as she says,

“…it’s a one-stop-shop for all the samples you need.” Her favorite part of the service is the ability to easily organize your projects so that you can easily revisit them for inspiration or to reorder products. Watch to see her experience using the service.

Annie Portner, HLW
Interior Designer, Annie Portner, and her Next Gen Unboxing Video

Annie’s unboxing video features our Smart City Carpet samples. She was drawn to the Urban Mobility Collection in the style White Line due to the New York City subway line inspiration. She loves how the style “delineates space without creating an actual border,” making it perfect for establishing zones in workspaces!

Next up is Associate Elyse Kamps from FitzGerald Associates Architects in Chicago.

If you’re anything like Elyse, you’re working late nights trying to finish up those last pieces of your design project. For all the night owls out there, being able to place a sample order by midnight EST and receive it by 10:30am the following morning is a one of the many perks to using Material Bank.

Associate, Elyse Kamps, and her Next Gen Unboxing Video

Elyse’s Material Bank sample order included styles from our popular Learn & Live carpet collection. Her take on our carpet sample?

“I really like this one because it has that ever so elusive pattern that I’m always looking for by combining a little bit of order, striation and texture with an organic pattern. It’s hard to find this at a budget price point and this one fits that price point.”

Elyse Kamps, FitzGerald Associates Architects

A hallmark feature of Material Bank is their ability to aggregate materials across hundreds of vendors, giving users the ability to filter around multiple parameters to find a selection of materials in minutes instead of hours.

Associate Devon Bieniawski from Abel Design Group in Austin enjoyed ordering samples from Material Bank because it gave her the opportunity to learn about new vendors, products and launches all in one place.

Associate, Devon Bieniawski, and her Next Gen Unboxing Video

Devon received a sample of our Relaxing Floors ChillD carpet collection in Solitude, noting,

“the neutral colors create a serious look, but the Palladium Terrazzo pattern makes it playful as well. Perfect for a boardroom.”

Devon Bieniawski, Abel Design Group

When these designers are finished with their samples, they can easily ship them back, because Material Bank samples come in a single box with a tray that can be repurposed into a return package. It’s not only an efficient process but it also ensures millions of samples will be reused rather than discarded – a stylish sustainability effort in reclamation.

This solutions-based approach to sampling is elevating the sample experience for the design industry – and has proven extra useful during the shift to wide-scale working from home that has occurred over the past year. Thank you to our partners at Network Next Gen for sharing an inside look into the experience!

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