Mohawk Group's Royce Epstein Shares 2019 Color Forecast

Mohawk Group’s A&D design director, Royce Epstein, shares our 2019 color forecast and explores the influence of dichotomy on the palette.

Mohawk Group's Royce Epstein Shares 2019 Color Forecast

The color forecast for the end of 2018 and 2019 is a direct response to Point | Counterpoint, the theme of Mohawk Group’s Color + Design Vision for the new year.

Every thought, mood, and shift has a dichotomy: a duality, a flip-side, a split.

Mohawk Group 2018-2019 Color Design Vision

Point | Counterpoint addresses how today we are living in between two extremes and have multiple visions of the future.

For many of us, we live in between the polarities, caught between these two opposing visions. And many of us call for unity and a desire to live as one, hoping for common ground.

The color forecast reflects this in that half of the palette is warm neutrals, and the other half is cool neutrals. This duality is complimentary to each other, where the warms and cools work well together, whether it be in nature, the street, or the built environment.

Mohawk Group's Royce Epstein Shares 2019 Color Forecast

The accent colors are intermediate and tertiary tones that reflect the cultural attitudes today, hinting at nature with warmer earth tone accents, and the cool sky and water tones.

Point | Counterpoint is all about finding common ground where we can all peacefully coexist, and the same can be said for the varied materials of architecture and interior design. Feel free to use warm and cool tones together, this is what helps bring harmony and balance to a space.


Royce Epstein, Mohawk Group A&D Design Director Royce Epstein is the A&D Design Director for Mohawk Group.
As the face to A&D, Royce shares her passion and vision for design, cultural trends, and the meaning of materials in a broad context. Her role is to evolve and share Mohawk Group’s Design Vision with the A&D community, and to leverage product design with what A&D desires in the field. Constantly on the watch for new trends in all aspects of design and culture, Royce feeds this insight to all our industry’s touch points.

A veteran materials and product specialist, Royce spent two decades working in A&D firms before working with Mohawk. She was named the 2015 Designer of the Year by Interiors and Sources Magazine, and received a HiP award for Rising Star from Interior Design Magazine at Neocon 2016. Royce lives in Philadelphia where she is active in the design, art, and music scenes. She is a board member of Collab at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.