When David Jones passed away on January 10th, the world lost one of the most influential and iconic artists to ever grace the stage. Known to all as musician David Bowie, he was so much more than a chameleon rock star. Bowie crafted his five-decade career with great finesse, overseeing every concept, every detail, and every persona with an overarching desire to make sense of life’s big questions. He changed the world by challenging cultural conventions and breaking barriers, blazing new trails for youth everywhere. He addressed topics like gender, fear of mortality, and facing the world as an outsider, all while being a role model for weirdos everywhere. All throughout his career, he collaborated with other musicians, producers, designers, and artists to get his desired outcome, which included both Sound and Vision.


The vision was just as important as the sound. In fact Bowie’s career didn’t take off until he started role playing characters to go with the narrative in his songs. Ziggy Stardust. Aladdin Sane. The Thin White Duke. Bowie lived the part, and presented his vision through music, theater, performance art, graphics, set design, and fashion, which he was a master. Immediately he set the pace for trends in music and fashion, and it hasn’t stopped since. There has never been a Bowie before and there will never be again. His long lasting influence on music and all of the arts is immeasurable and a great loss to our collective culture.

Above images from left to right: Tonight album sleeve, 1984; Cloak and Tokyo Pop Suit for Aladdin Sane tour by Kansai Yamamoto, 1973; Thin White Duke for Station to Station tour, 1976; Outtake from Aladdin Sane album cover photo shoot by Brian Duffy, 1973; Costume for Ashes to Ashes video by Natasha Korniloff, 1980

Mohawk Group products pay tribute to Bowie:


Moving Floors collection Diagonal Relief in color Dark Grey; Street Thread collection’s Taped Off and Pop Icon in color Mod; On the Scene collection’s Late Night in color Flashing; Get Smart collection’s Write Direction in color Magic; and Matuto in color Blackout

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