611_bsdg_2015_spmkt-19The name may say La-Z, but the project time line said hurry! With limited time to finish installation of this 8,000 square foot project, the La-Z-Boy Showroom at the High Point Furniture Mart in High Point, North Carolina was on a fast track to complete their renovation. However, time wasn’t the only challenge.

A vast number of trades were working simultaneously to finish the project. The space included permanent concrete columns every 20 feet, which caused a kind of valley between columns in every direction. These challenges required a flooring solution that could be installed efficiently (while other trades continued working) and had to be flexible enough to mold to the floor without buckling or creating tripping hazards. Finally, as a furniture showroom, the floor must be able to stand up to constant movement of furniture and other movable design features.

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Working closely with Barbour Spangle Design and Suburban Construction, a collaborative approach was key to finding the right flooring solution. Mohawk’s Secoya floating LVT was the final choice. Because a floating LVT was selected, there is no glue, which meant the floor was installed without having to isolate sections of the space in order to wait for glue to cure or disturb other tenants with LVT glue odor. What’s more, with minimal floor prep requirements, Secoya’s LVT planks could be installed with painters and electricians still working on walls and ceilings. This high-performing product resulted in a visually stunning, efficient flooring solution.