Mohawk Group is very pleased and proud to sponsor the Waxman Textile Prize, which is a textile design competition hosted by Trend Union and is open to students from around the world. The competition is held in conjunction with Talking Textiles, a month-long design festival in New York City to highlight the cultural relevance and achievements of the textile industry, weavers, and artisans in both fashion and interiors. Related events include the Talking Textiles Conference, where the Waxman Textile Prize was announced by Royce Epstein, Director of Mohawk Group’s Design Segment.

Joined on stage by host Philip Fimmano, Director at Trend Union, he introduced the program and announced two honorable mentions recognized by the jury for their innovative projects: Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen (Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland) and the duo Pawel Lasota & Magda Mojsiejuk (School of Form in Poznan, Poland). Magda was in attendance from Poland and received her recognition in person.

Philip Fimmano, director at Trend Union and Royce Epstein, director of design segment at Mohawk Group, present the ’embroidered check.’

The winner of the Waxman Textile Prize is Wendy Andreu, a French graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. She stunned the jury with her project “Regen” – new textile made from white cotton corded rope that is covered with black latex. She wraps the cording around a steel laser cut form and applies the black latex to the exposed side of the cord. The liquid latex then covers the cording, but also seeps between the wrapped cords, allowing for the black latex to harden on one side but also through the cording onto the face of the new transformed textile. The textile gets removed from the steel form that gave it shape, and then is turned inside out to become a new object. This new textile is waterproof and shows the contrast between black and white, the two opposing textures, and the natural and synthetic materials.

Watch Wendy Andreu in action:

Regen from Wendy Andreu on Vimeo.

The winning project “Regan” by Wendy Andreu.

Close up of the winning project “Regan” by Wendy Andreu.

Close up of the winning project “Regan” by Wendy Andreu.

Wendy Andreu’s work, as well as all fifteen finalists in the design competition, will be on display at the Invisible Dog Gallery in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill district starting on September 21st and running through October 1st.

Presided over by Dorothy Waxman, the 2017 Textile Prize jury was comprised of Royce Epstein (Mohawk Group), Helen Oji (Eileen Fisher), Paul Makovsky (Metropolis Magazine) and textile designers Lori Weitzner and Sherri Donghia.

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