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Stylish Surface Interiors in Hospitality Design

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From Instagram accounts to interior design sites, the internet is buzzing about stylish surface interiors in hospitality design. We just happen to know a little something about that!

Hospitality is all about the warmth of making people feel welcome. And what is more inviting than walking into a beautiful space? Carpet for Hotels - DurkanWith our innovative hard surfaces and cutting-edge carpet styles designed to inspire today’s hospitality experience, we aim to embrace the unique aesthetic possibilities of flooring to create expressive styles with unparalleled performance. It’s why we pride ourselves on being the most trusted industry resource for hospitality flooring.

Here’s a look at the trendsetting designs that we’ve recently debuted:


Lineate – Richly Patterned ERT

Our award-winning Lineate is one of our most exciting new hard surface products. This ERT (enhanced resilient tile) collection from Mohawk Group is inspired by two of today’s hottest trends in surface visuals: ombré/gradient and striated textile looks. If you’re looking for a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, Lineate offers cool and warm neutrals, on-trend color pops and linear texture. Across each plank, the color ebbs and flows to give the illusion of depth on a flat surface.

Carpet Design for Hotel Hallway - Durkan

What’s more is that Lineate is a loose lay construction, which allows for quick installation and immediate occupancy. Perfect for the hospitality environment, its inherent acoustical inner layer construction eliminates the need for underlayment, reducing the cost and installation time.

We aren’t the only ones who love this richly patterned product! We were honored to receive a Best of NeoCon Gold Award, an Interior Design HiP Award, an IIDA Hospitality Design Expo Award, and have Lineate recognized as an Interior Design Best of Year Honoree!


The Goonj Collection – Merging Past and Present

Our design team looks everywhere for inspiration. Our upcoming Goonj collection was inspired by the Hindi word for Echo — echoes from our past merging subtly into the present.

Definity Carpet for Hotels - DurkanPatterns for this collection were inspired by floral elements from the William Morris era. Playing with traditional motifs appearing and disappearing through various texture layers is the key driver to adding visual interest. And, to make this all come alive is our proprietary Definity technology, developed specifically for hospitality environments.

Our Definity technology helps emphasize these layers of design through different levels in the carpet while simulating the look of being handcrafted. It’s truly an unforgettable design.


Create A Unique Design Interplay with Better Together ERT

Better Together enhanced resilient tile creates beautifully unique flooring designs, whether used on its own or as a perfect system with Mohawk Group carpet tile. From the neutral palette and range of refined visuals down to the carefully chosen dimensions, Better Together can be mixed and matched easily with any carpet tile selection or among any of its colorways, giving you endless design potential.

Hotel Room Carpet Design - DurkanWhen installed with any of our corresponding carpet tiles, a single adhesive can be used for both products –and because they are the same thickness it eliminates the need for transitions between the two, making ERT and carpet tile truly work better together. It’s innovatively efficient and beautiful.


The Raffish Collection – A Bold Broadloom

Characterized by bold, painterly brushstrokes and vivid colors, our award-winning Raffish collection is reminiscent of the abstract expressionist movement in the American art world. Both frenetic and serene energy is captured in the rhythmic strokes of color, welcoming the viewer to have a visual experience that evokes the warm emotion of hospitality. Trust us when we tell you that you’ll want to reach out and run your hand across the textured layers!


Carpet for Hotel Lobbies - Durkan

Raffish uses Synthesis™, Durkan’s exclusive patented breakthrough in carpet technology. Synthesis layers pattern and texture to provide unprecedented 3D image quality and clarity. Never before has this combination of patterning and textural effect been achieved in hospitality flooring. The result is a unique layering effect that brings tremendous depth and richness to carpet design. An Interior Design HiP Product Honoree and an Interior Design Best of Year Honoree, Raffish is on the rise.


Accommodations are an important part of the travel experience, and our designs are impressive, inviting –and make for an excellent snapshot on Instagram.