Over the past few years forecasts have been rained on with the pressures of economic, politcal and social turmoil. In many cases, we’ve responded with a “play it safe” mentality, but the drab, bleak backdrop that we’ve become accustomed to will soon be a thing of the past. We are gearing up for a spectrum of full color. As we look forward with optimism, our hues become more saturated, our options more diverse.


We’re about to have a heat wave. A color story of red, from bright pinks to orangey red, will continue to have time in the color spotlight. Powdered Rose, Ripe Melon, spicy corals, sassy reds, and complex wines will appeal to our senses. We will also see a range of delightful yellow. From creamy tint of butter, exuberant sunshine to optimistic gold, yellow is warming the soul.



We then cool down with solid and sturdy true blues and denims, and fluid teals and cobalt. Green will have a strong showing in the forecast. We’ll see leaf greens used as organic highlights, Meadow greens that will allow a soft, loosened look and Vegetal, wild greens that take you on a trip through unspoiled landscapes.

We won’t be underestimating the power ofcolor and more importantly color combinations. Mixes of hues are clever and complex. We will become saturated with optimism.

The forecast is sunny & bright.

Stacy Garcia Chief Inspiration Officer, Stacy Garcia Inc.