Royce Epstein

Hello! I’m Royce, the new Director of the Design Segment for Mohawk Group. I’m thrilled to join Mohawk, with its broad and diverse offering for the A&D market. I spent most of my 20+ year career as a Materials Specialist in A&D, and I have always had a special interest in carpet and textiles. I grew up in the industry with the Mohawk brands of Karastan, Lees, Bigelow, and Durkan as an admirer and specifier. I love the heritage and craft that goes into making carpet, as well as the new innovations in technology and sustainability that help advance the possibilities of design. Mohawk is a leader in our industry for advancements in product design and development, and that is very exciting for the future, as we work to bring fresh ideas to the Interiors market.

As a designer and a design fan, I always engage in spirited dialogue about the essence of design and how it affects our daily lives. Also, my passion and studies have been in art and art history, and from that I learned to always think about design in context. For us at Mohawk, products must be meaningful and have purpose in order to be viable, and that is something we should all engage in – making meaningful design with purpose and beauty. I will try to uphold my part as I work with you all moving forward, and I am excited about what the future holds.

My role will be to evolve and share Mohawk Group’s Design Vision with the A&D community, and to leverage our product design with what A&D desires in the field. I am forever on the watch for new trends in all aspects of design and culture, feeding this insight to our designers and to you all. This will be shared on our blog, so come back often to see what we are thinking about. We hope to provide endless inspiration for your own creativity and projects.

I hope to see you at Neocon, please say hello and share your own thoughts about design. We’re listening and want to participate in an open and transparent dialogue to forge a collaborative environment. We welcome your participation as we all experience the future of design together.