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A Designer’s Eye on Ultra Violet – The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year

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 Exploring Ultra Violet – Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year

Mohawk’s A&D Design Director Royce Epstein, takes a look at Pantone’s much-talked about choice for 2018’s Color of the Year

The new Pantone Color of the Year has been announced for 2018, and it’s a color that looks optimistically to the future. It is Ultra Violet or Pantone 18-3838.

Photo courtesy of Pantone

This blue-based purple is mysterious, spiritual, and otherworldly, directing us towards the Cosmos and Hyper-Nature.

In this time of great uncertainty, where the limits of earth and solar system are being tested by both nature and man, our renewed fascination in the Cosmos has yielded an interest in celestial patterns and deep purple chromatic color palettes.

It’s a color that connects with vision and purpose, but also with fantasy.

In their announcement, Pantone wrote “Historically, there has been a mystical or spiritual quality attached to Ultra Violet. The color is often associated with mindfulness practices, which offer a higher ground to those seeking refuge from today’s over-stimulated world. The use of purple-toned lighting in meditation spaces and other gathering places energizes the communities that gather there and inspire connection.”


With this context, it’s no surprise that the late, great Prince was attracted to purple and channeled the color’s energy with clothing and guitars to summon its mystical properties.

Hanne Gaby Odiele

Jimi Hendrix had a song called Purple Haze. Yayoi Kusama, the celebrated artist who creates the mirrored infinity rooms as shown below, used purple to reference the “Brilliance of Life.”

And as the newest choice for Color of the Year, it continues to inspire connection.


This year, let us look to Ultra Violet as an inspiration, bringing awareness and energy to you and yours in 2018.

Clockwise: Venus and The Milky Way by Andrea Spallanzani, Fluorite Denton Mine Goode Creek, Kusama Infinity Mirror Room

For a little Mohawk inspiration, here’s a look at some of our products in those mystical purple hues…

Lineate  in Stripe 444, Diagonal Relief in Lavendar, Plane High 454 in & Plane Low 454 in Lavendar, Matuto Plus 454 in Wizard