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Get In An Opalescent Mood: DICHROIC

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Moodboard 2_Dichroic

DICHROIC color palettes are prevalent today, featuring prismatic color shifts with iridescence and shimmer. Inspired equally by nature and science, the opalescent quality to these color tones offers varying sheen and subtle changes in hue, yet remains deep, saturated, and chromatic. We see this movement toward pearlescence in many different types of materials in architecture, fashion, fabrics and building materials. With connections to holograms, feathers, and the Aurora Borealis, the Dichroic palette is organic yet mysterious and other-worldly.

Above images, left to right: 1) Gosia Baczynska; 2) Sabine Marcelis & Luuk Van Den Broek; 3) Erin O’Malley; 4) Raphael Hefti ; 5) Damir Doma; 6) Julia Dault

Here are some Mohawk Group products that take on the essence of Dichroic:

Spherical Infusion from our Breaking Form collection.

BreakingForm_Spherical_Infusion_566 tranquilbeauty_566

Mass Appeal, a new LVT collection previewed at NeoCon 2015, features metallic highlights.


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