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The Old Cannery: Keeping the Fun in Furniture and Flooring

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When The Old Cannery Furniture and Mattress Warehouse, a family-owned business in Sumner, Washington, decided to install a new floor in one of its large showrooms, the store’s customers had some qualms.

“They thought we were taking away from the character of the building,” said Dennis Browe, of The Old Cannery. The store is located in a turn-of-the-century brick building where once the local farmers brought their produce in for canning. “So we showed them the holes in the old plywood and plank floor, and we let them watch the new floor being installed. Everybody was interested, and they all love it now.”

More than 300 people visit The Old Cannery – more than 200,000 square feet of furniture warehouse – on weekdays and 900–1,000 on weekends. And they all seem to feel they have a vested interest in “their” furniture store.

The Old Cannery has built its business by successfully blending entertainment with furniture selling. Started in 1953 as an upholstery business by Tony and Mabeth Grout, The Old Cannery moved to its present location in 1984.  When The Old Cannery decided to move all the furniture and tear up the old worn floor in one showroom, the work had to be done quickly and professionally—and customers got to watch.

Workers installed a half-inch plywood underlayment and 16,000 square feet of Secoya luxury vinyl tile from our Hot & Heavy Collection in Converse Basin color in less than two weeks. This is one of the largest installments of Hot & Heavy LVT in the country. Secoya was chosen because it is a bold, over-sized plank that fits the historic nature of the building. It also is incredibly easy to install because it requires no adhesives. Its non-skid backing and the substantial weight of the product keep tiles in place even with heavy traffic. The thickness of the plank and backing also reduces sound transfer.

Besides looking great and going down fast and easily, Secoya had one more advantage: easy maintenance. This was dear to the heart of Old Cannery because it solved the challenge of the store’s annual Santaland. Each holiday season, Old Cannery builds a corral to house Santa’s store visits by screwing the corral posts into the old plywood floor. The plan was to drill through the Hot & Heavy tile, screw in the corral posts, and when they take out the corral, simply replace damaged planks with fresh ones.

Our Hot & Heavy tile is an ideal match for Old Cannery and especially its Santaland, which is a big part of the store’s character and business. Browe estimates the store attracts 2,000 customers every weekend with Santaland, and children and their parents are known to wait in line for as long as 3.5 hours to get their picture taken with Santa.

Photography: Jeff Beck Photography

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