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Mohawk On The Go: Up, Up and Away!

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Mohawk Group Air at Aircraft Interiors Expo

Yes, that’s right, there’s an entire show dedicated to featuring the newest innovations in aircraft interiors. And, we were there!

Mohawk Group Aviation, our aviation carpet business, has just returned from the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany.  From around the globe, one can find products from storage to seating to entertainment systems to – you got it, flooring.

Years ago Mohawk shocked the industry by introducing nylon carpet to the aviation market.  Until then it was thought the only way to meet the fire code restrictions was by using more expensive, heavier wool carpet.  Through the introduction of an exclusive fire treatment, Mohawk was able to help the airline industry achieve flooring performance requirements while providing a lighter weight option, which ultimately saved money on fuel and reduced emission.

It was evident at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo that Mohawk continues to be an innovation leader.  We have found ways to further reduce weights. We introduced an exclusive seam treatment that enables carpet to flex in sync with the plane.  We also showed a new product in development that will allow us to leverage capabilities from our hospitality business, crossing over to the aviation segment (stay tuned for more on these almost limitless patterning capabilities!).

This kind of innovation and go-to-market strategy has positioned Mohawk Group Aviation as a leader in the U.S. aviation market.  In fact, most of the major U.S. airlines are using our carpets already, with one of our largest customers right here in Atlanta – Delta Airlines.  However, we aren’t done yet.  We are rapidly expanding internationally to New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Asia. We are in the process of researching other forms of transportation flooring needs including the railcar and nautical categories. We’re even looking hard surface options.

On your next trip (after finding that overhead space and before fighting for the arm rest) take a look at the carpet. Mohawk is probably taking a trip with you. You’re on the go and so is Mohawk Group Aviation!

Mohawk Group Air at Aircraft Interiors Expo


  1. I currently have Bigelow, accents, in wild mint on my floors. Is there anything available now that approximates it

    • Hello Roy! Thank you for contacting us. Where are you located? Is this for commercial or residential. For commercial/contract it would be best to contact your sales rep. You can find your rep by visiting our website. Here is the rep locator For residential, it would be best to visit your local retailer. Here is the link to find a local retailer.
      This blog is for Mohawk Group, which is Mohawk’s contract/commercial line of products. Please let me know if this helps. Thank you!