We believe that healthy environments nurture the positive connections that enable patients and care providers to thrive. As a leader in innovative healthcare flooring solutions, we focus on helping healthcare facilities foster high-performance spaces that empower the human mind, body and spirit. 

So when our communities were impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, our teams turned our attention to supporting our healthcare community in a new way – to address urgent medical supply needs at Hamilton Medical Center in Dalton, Ga. and Emory Healthcare in Atlanta.

Using fabric provided by Fabric Sources International, one of our Dalton-based rug manufacturing facilities is making something new with our industrial sewing equipment – our team of skilled employees are producing vitally needed medical protective gear for doctors, nurses and other care providers. 

Our expert sewing team quickly developed a process for cutting the fabric pattern and sewing together the protective medical gown components. Production has now expanded over the past two weeks from a handful of gowns to 1,200 per day, with plans to continue speeding up the process.

The team has also begun the process of creating plastic face shields, another item needed by healthcare providers for protection when they treat patients.

Along with manufacturing surgical gowns and plastic face shields, the Mohawk team is also working to identify sources for certified, protective face masks for AdventHealth to help ensure that the providers in their local Calhoun and Chatsworth, Ga. hospitals have the protective gear they need to keep themselves and others safe.

Mohawk has a history of providing support in times of need. During World War II, the company converted woven carpet looms to produce more than 5 million blankets for use by U.S. soldiers on the European and Pacific fronts. Mohawk also manufactured millions of square yards of cotton canvas cloth that the military used for tents, sandbags, tarpaulins, duffle bags and more.

As experts on flooring for healthcare, we understand the varied and rigorous demands that facilities face. We are honored to support our healthcare workers as they serve with unwavering bravery on behalf of our communities. ⁠⠀