Headed to Greenbuild? Mohawk’s Senior Manager of Sustainability, Rami Vagal, highlights how to maximize your experience at Greenbuild.

Fall is finally here and the arrival of autumn means that we are officially into a full conference season. With so many great industry conferences on the calendar, it can be pretty daunting to juggle all of the schedules and travel plans. Greenbuild is right around the corner and as a show veteran, I would like to share a few tips that may help you maximize your experience. If you’ve attended Greenbuild before, then you know it is a conference unlike any other. With a robust roster of events, Greenbuild presents the chance to learn from renowned speakers and representatives in the green building space around the world. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the three-day conference for learning, collaboration, exhibition, and networking.

George Bandy Jr. Opens Greenbuild 2018
George Bandy Jr. Opens Greenbuild 2018

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your itinerary for this year’s event –

Download the Greenbuild App

Use the official Greenbuild app to stay up-to-date on conference happenings while on site. It’s not only convenient, but it’s also more environmentally friendly than keeping a printed map and agenda.

Connect with Industry Professionals

Greenbuild is a perfect opportunity to meet with green building colleagues and network with leading industry professionals. One of the best ways to cultivate that connection is to follow the thought leaders and brands you want to meet with on social media (tip: you can follow us here!)

You can also mark your calendars for pre-scheduled meet & greets, like how this year you have the opportunity to connect with ILFI Chairman Jason McLennan in our space (#805, if you want to make a note.) Which leads me to…

Plan Your Greenbuild Agenda

Once you register for the conference, take a look at the workshops and add the ones you are most interested to your schedule. Greenbuild offers a plethora of education sessions ranging in topic from health and well-being to green economy, reverse climate change, sustainability and more. You can always change your mind at the last minute but having the sessions on your agenda in advance will ensure you won’t miss any in all of the excitement.

Here are a few can’t-miss sessions for 2019 that you’ll want to add to your Greenbuild agenda:

Wednesday, November 20
8:30am, Hall B1
Our CSO, George Bandy Jr. will give a warm Georgia welcome to Greenbuild guests ahead of this year’s much-anticipated keynote speaker: President Barack Obama.

2-4pm, space 805
Meet ILFI Chairman and CEO of McLennan Design, Jason McLennan to talk sustainable design and see a sneak peek of a new Living Product carpet collection inspired by the essence and patterning of North American Owls.

Thursday, November 21

11am-1pm, space 805
Meet ILFI Chairman and CEO of McLennan Design, Jason McLennan.

1:30-2pm, space 1123
Connect with our CSO, George Bandy Jr., on the revitalization story of bringing health and sustainability to Atlanta.

3-4pm, space B206
Join USGBC’s Living Standard session to hear from yours truly on the power of storytelling for a sustainable and equitable future.

Map Your Route

Take a look at the floor plan ahead of time —it is available here and will also be provided when you pick up your exhibitor badge. Highlight the booths that you want to visit and familiarize yourself with the education halls and other areas to streamline your in-conference routes. And wear that FitBit to track all those steps you’re about to get in!

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget to pack some warm clothes in addition to those comfortable shoes! This year’s Greenbuild annual conference is being held in Atlanta, just outside our company’s Northwest Georgia headquarters. And while it IS Fall in the south, nighttime gets chilly which means you’ll want to add a jacket to your packing list!

Rami Vagal, Senior Manager of Sustainability, Mohawk Industries
Rami Vagal, Senior Manager of Sustainability at Mohawk

Rami Vagal, senior manager, sustainability at Mohawk, is a multi-disciplinary professional with a strong background in sustainability, architecture and construction.

At Mohawk, Rami leads strategic sustainability initiatives that create positive impacts on a social, cultural, economic and environmental level. She believes in taking a systems-wide approach while collaborating with all functional disciplines, marketing and strategic communications, and has a deep understanding of the associated challenges and risks while implementing projects. Rami holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Sir JJ College of Architecture (Mumbai), and a master’s degree in architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago). She currently serves as a member on the LEED MR TAG sub-group. Additionally, Rami holds WELL AP and LEED AP with BD+C specialty certifications, and is an ambassador for the Living Building Challenge.