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Our Light Lab Brightens and Inspires Creativity

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With a focus on creativity and collaborative design, we are extremely excited about our highly anticipated Mohawk Group Light Lab Design Center. Commercial Design, Hospitality Design, Product Development, Special Order Contract, Simulation and Hospitality Preorder teams, which includes almost 80 people, are now moved into the space. Our Light Lab, designed in collaboration with SCAD, is an environment that not only brings together all of our different design disciplines, but is a creative place for our design teams, customers and our community at-large.

Built in the early 1960s, our Mohawk Group Light Lab Design Center is in a mid-century modern building located at one of the highest peaks in Dalton, Ga. The inspirational 360-degree views with natural vistas, informed the design and color palette of the space. The Light Lab includes Red List Free products and has received the Living Building Challenge’s Petal Certification for materials, beauty, equity, and site, as well as the biophilic imperative from health. Since the Light Lab officially opened, we already have conducted a number of events including Durkan’s Design Summit, a community open house and customer visits. Like any creative process, our Light Lab is a creative journey that we hope inspires our customers and collaborative design partners.

We hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience our Light Lab. In the meantime, here’s a look into our space.