Easy to Install Education Flooring

Our new education flooring is so easy to install, even an elementary school student can do it.

When it comes to education flooring, we believe in creating dynamic spaces that invite interaction and collaboration. So when Birney Elementary School needed to create a collaborative space for learning, we knew just the thing to help them make the grade – an interactive math lesson that would allow the students to quickly and easily install our Learn & Live carpet tile to update their classroom flooring.

We showed up to the school one rainy morning with three important things to install their new education flooring: carpet tile, FlexLok tabs, and donuts. (Technically, donuts are optional when installing education flooring but we feel they enhance the experience, especially when you get to share them with some really cool elementary school students.)

Easy to Install Education Flooring
Students at Birney Elementary School prepare to create with Mohawk Group flooring

Creating Collaborative Spaces

After a lesson on calculating area, the students determined how many carpet tiles they would need for their space and then worked together to create a layout for the carpet tiles. It was one of the reasons we chose this particular product for this project because it can be installed randomly, which allowed the students to adapt their design as they went.

Another reason we chose our Learn & Live collection for this project is because this carpet tile collection was inspired by biophilic concepts of complexity and order proven to increase collaboration and creativity, reduce negative behavior and encourage social interaction. What better way to utilize those attributes of the collection than to have students work together to put it in a creative, collaborative space?

Combined with our FlexLok tabs for easy installation, the students were equipped with everything they needed to take this project to the head of the class. They were excited to be involved in every part of the process, from conceptualization to installation – watch as they work together to transform a space in their classroom!

Our Learn & Live Education Flooring Makes the Grade

In addition to the biophilic principles of the collection, Learn & Live is built upon the trusted Duracolor promise, with our new Duracolor Tricor delivering unsurpassed stain resistance, colorfastness, durability, color clarity and enhanced soil performance. It offers worry-free solutions that feature innovative product constructions and enhancements to deliver the highest performing flooring products available.

With Learn & Live, you can ease your mind with a full system solution that offers the right combination of technologies to address the most common flooring issues in demanding education environments. High five to that!

Birney Elementary School students celebrating completing installation of new flooring

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