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Introducing the 2016-2017 Color + Design Vision

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The Color and Design Vision is where we at Mohawk Group share our vision for the coming 18 months, forecasting what we believe are the leading concepts that fuel our current product development and inspire our customers with relevant, meaningful color and design insight. We explore cultural themes and trends affecting design today. We look what is happening in the world from this cultural context, studying social trends, demographics, and the economy. We do extensive research in all disciplines of design, art, pop culture, fashion, and technology in order to see a comprehensive picture of where things are headed. It must encompass scientific, social, emotional and spiritual thinking. These cultural influences offer insight for our own color and design direction, resulting in exciting product introductions that speak to what’s happening in today’s world.

For 2016-2017, we have been examining major shifts impacting design, including the convergence of craft and tech; the role of the senses and experience in the built environment; the blurring of all kinds of boundaries – both physical and metaphoric; and the limits of man and hyper nature.

The 2016-2017 categories are:



In this era of nonstop mass production, we are simultaneously seeing the prominence of technology and a return to craft and the handmade. These approaches to making products have converged, and we are rethinking how things are made. We are questioning and seeking authenticity in the process. We are finding ways of humanizing technology. New forms are being created with the rise of 3D printing and manipulation of both tools and materials. Design has broken the mold and shapes have shifted to give us a new language. Discover more on what inspires Unmade.



We are facing times of dynamic change that influence the way we live our lives. Therefore, we seek grounding and connection. The balance between rational and emotional design results in an increase of the user’s consciousness, perception, and consumption. Relevant design provides sensory experiences that connect essence and process in one holistic context. Not only do spaces and objects hold meaning, their significance transcends aesthetics to connect us with their soul. Design should provide balance while the world transforms around us. Discover more on what inspires Undetached.



The past, present, and future present have converged in this post post-modern era. Historical references have lost their meaning and we have removed all sense of timelines and context. A new society has evolved, one that is cross cultural, nomadic, and more accepting and tolerant of differences in race, age, and gender. We are moving towards a more universal, unbiased world where borders no longer matter. This blurring of boundaries is the new world order. Discover more on what inspires Unbias.



We are living in a time of great uncertainly, where the limits of earth and the solar system are being tested by both nature and man. Man’s quest for new frontiers beyond our farms, suburbs, and cities is driving a new push into uncharted territory. Shifting planes of light and swirling forms connect us to the heavens. A new visual language has emerged, influenced by intense colors from the deep seas and far reaches of the cosmos. Iridescence, dichroic shimmer, biomorphic shapes, and earthly textures are prevalent.

This is part of our larger Color and Design CEU program. To attend one of our CEUs already scheduled or to request a CEU, please contact your local Mohawk Group Account Executive.