Creating healing spaces is integral to healthcare environments. We sat down with Mohawk Group’s Cynthia Hubbell to chat about how the company is pioneering innovative flooring solutions that promote optimum health and wellness.

Q: What are some current trends shaping today’s healthcare environment?

A: The landscape of healthcare today is rapidly changing. Health systems need to adapt to the current demands and as a result we are seeing many large mergers and acquisitions. 

In this new economy of healthcare we are no longer patients who pay a fee for medical services, we are now healthcare consumers seeking medical expertise and customized care through an overall healthcare experience.

Healthcare Flooring Solutions

Given our vast choices of care providers now, health systems are competing for our business and branding is a vital part of the patient experience.  Health & Wellness end users understand that thoughtfully designed healing spaces can enhance a health system’s brand image and support their brand promise. It’s a great way to attract and retain medical staff, caregivers and patients alike. 

Also, recent legislative changes have drastically affected healthcare provider reimbursements, impacting facility budgets. Flooring truly offers a return on investment and can also help a facility assess their total cost of ownership.

“Our healthcare flooring encourages optimum health and wellness. However, it’s not about the flooring it’s about all the people who work, heal and live in the healthcare built environment.”

Q: How does Mohawk Group’s new homogeneous sheet collection, Medella, support healthy environments?

With Medella, the high design, style and colors of the collection enable healthcare systems to create their own brand of intriguing healing spaces that deliver high quality patient centered care. Homogeneous sheet flooring meets the demanding requirements of today’s healthcare spaces with its durability and ease of maintenance, and is an ideal option for managing high foot traffic and heavy rolling loads. As a material vinyl is an affordable and intelligent choice for end users that focus on Lean, Six Sigma methods of facility management.

Medella, a unique flooring solution designed for healthcare environments

Q: How does flooring fit into the larger picture of a fully integrated wellness system?

A: Our healthcare flooring encourages optimum health and wellness. However, it’s not about the flooring it’s about all the people who work, heal and live in the healthcare built environment.  Properly selected flooring can reduce slip / falls and can be thoughtfully used for wayfinding and egress routing.  When using Evidence Based Design principles flooring can create tranquil and calm spaces for healing to occur.

Intelligent design is a key component to building a strong patient experience. It’s also a way for a healthcare provider to support their commitment to sustainability. We create beautiful flooring solutions that are thoughtfully designed, carefully crafted with premium raw materials and sustainably manufactured with state of the art technology. 

Healthcare Flooring Solutions

Q: In what type of environments will homogeneous sheet flooring best serve the patients, care givers and providers?

A: The beauty of our homogeneous flooring is that it can be used in all areas of acute, non-acute care and senior living. Vinyl flooring offers high design, life safety, and durability for the non-stop (24/7/365) environs of acute healthcare. Our Medella flooring is a terrific choice for hospital lobby and reception areas, hallway corridors, patient rooms, imaging departments, physical therapy centers, laboratories and pharmacies. In addition, Medella is also a good fit for all levels of senior living, including assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care communities.

Q: How does Mohawk Group provide innovative flooring solutions to healthcare systems?

We are dedicated to finding ways that flooring can become a truly integrated part of a healing environment.  Our mission is to cultivate healthcare flooring solutions with design, innovation, research & development, technology and sustainability so that we can foster high performance interior environments that enable us to thrive. We believe that our flooring can encourage optimum health & wellness and help those who aren’t well have a better day.

About Cynthia Hubbell: Cynthia Hubbell serves as the VP of Healthcare & Senior Living Segments for Mohawk Group, driving operational excellence in a complex and changing segment. With a career spanning more than 20 years in the flooring industry, Cynthia has extensive experience and expertise in business development, marketing and account management for global and national clients.