A few months into 2020 and our collective experience changed sharply, with new directives such as “social distancing” and “self-isolation” entering the global lexicon. The art of making provided a respite for many – including our design team.

Durkan Field Designer Yelena Rodina was inspired to paint, and those paintings in turn inspired a new collection of flooring for hospitality interiors – one that evokes the emotional sense of connection so many of us are craving in these unique times.

Yelena shares what prompted her to create the Influunt collection in the midst of such challenging times, “During quarantine I had a problem with my internet one day. No technology, complete isolation. What could I do? I turned to my love of painting and experimenting with different techniques.”

Creating Influunt was totally and purely emotional. A poetic experience.
– Yelena Rodina, Designer

Influunt Hospitality Flooring Collection by Mohawk Group Hospitality Durkan

“I poured the paint on paper, took a big brush and briskly swept the paint, making the brush dance, and captured the movement that only exists for a fragile moment. Broad, broken brush strokes revealed the texture of the paper, while wet paint blended into dry strokes creating an impulsive, unpredictable experience.  Trying to translate the expressions through painting is an exciting process that helps me to enhance visual effect and create a mood.”

Art Inspires Hospitality Flooring Designs

Art beget more art as Yelena merged her talents to create a series of hospitality flooring designs that resulted in our Influunt collection – a passionate interaction between abstract paintings and Jacobean embroidery patterns. Based upon the experience of traditional textile art, the collection employs advanced design techniques to transform flat tapestry into multi-dimensional textured carpet. 

What else is there to love about this hospitality flooring collection? In addition to its stunning designs, it utilizes our Spectra Fit technology to scale up any pattern to create dramatic sweeping designs that work well for corridors, ballrooms and banquet rooms, pre-function and other public spaces. 

Flooring Inspiration for Hospitality Interior Design

Stay inspired. Discover more flooring styles and patterns for your hospitality space in our Influunt Lookbook!

Influunt Hospitality Flooring by Mohawk Group