As sustainability and a desire to reflect a connection with nature shift onto the scene of interior design, hospitality interiors are leaning into biophilic design to help shape the space.

Biophilic design is a consciousness toward incorporating the natural world into our modern and technologically advanced lifestyles. By integrating natural elements into the built environment, biophilic design enthusiasts seek to enhance the guest experience. If professional interior & textile designer Virginia Langley has her way, nature and interior design will permanently merge to bring health and well-being into all of the environments where we live, work, and escape:

“Really it’s a philosophy and principle that I’ve always believed in,” Langley describes. “My collections over the years have always shown a lot of nature-inspired designs. Biophilic design is really encouraging to bring our outside natural environment into the interior world that we live and spend so much more time in.”

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Langley about the inspiration behind our new Biophilique Collection, which she designed expressly to encourage the idea of connecting with nature by incorporating direct and indirect visual elements of air, flora, land, light and water.

The Biophilique collection was inspired by natural objects and observations such as wood grain, waves and stones. Langely takes these inspiration pieces and uses their shapes to make the abstract carpet designs, but she adds a twist by having products range from soft neutrals to bold magentas.

When asked to identify the inspiration that served the Biophilique Collection, Langley was quick to point to the harmony of nature and how that readily translates to the design world:

“The textures and layers are very influenced by natural elements. So, woodgrain you’ll see – stone, sand, ocean wave patterns. All of these help make the designer and the client’s life easy when they decorate, and hopefully bring in more of the biophilic designs,” Langley explains,

“This harmonizes with the theme and the choices they would be using for plants, and furniture and other interiors.”

The Biophilique Collection features a diverse cross-section of textures and patterns, allowing the natural touch to be incorporated easily into multiple settings and themes from modern and contemporary, to traditional, sophisticated, and even casual.

Biophilique, named for a fashionable play on the word ‘biophilic’, is beautiful and chic in addition to being finely crafted. The Biophilique collection is available in Durkan’s patented Definity Sculpturing Technology – which is capable of producing the most authentic hand tufted look with the highest definition of texture, pattern, and color ever achieved in hospitality carpet – as well as in PDI and CYP to provide a variety of colorways and flexible design capabilities with outstanding quality.

Langley also noted the importance of bringing in a sense of nature into our highly technologically-driven world that we live in, a counter-balance to the phones, tablet, computers and other devices that help run our daily lives.

As more designers work with biophilic themes, Langley hopes the Durkan mark of quality provides an added incentive to bring nature indoors:

“I really want to be able to offer ready-to go products. Durkan has exceptional quality and range of products, and this way the design and the product match for [designers] to be able to work with them easily and get the quality they’re looking for.”

Biophilique is an innovative design collection with bold trending styles, textures & colors artistically interpreted with abstract flare & an appeal to all the senses. Order a sample to see how it brings both harmony and quality to your space.