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The Healthcare Experience is a Consumer Experience

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Creative Mark - Enhanced Resilient Tile
Creative Mark - Enhanced Resilient Tile

Creative Mark – Enhanced Resilient Tile

The healthcare experience is in a state of transformation due to advances in technology, access to vast amounts of data, and a contemporary societal expectation that every interaction with a business is a consumer experience. Hospitals used to be a place where you went only when you were gravely ill. They then became places where you were made well. Now, frequent visits to wellness centers are encouraged to maintain human health and wellness. It is possible that after birth, you may not need to visit a traditional magnet acute care facility for any reason for many decades of your life.

Another major change in the healthcare experience is the transformation in how doctors and medical practices are selected by consumers. Geographic convenience is still a major consideration, but the trend of using the same family doctor or dentist as your parents has been undone. The consumerism of healthcare has made the attraction and retention of patients highly competitive. Healthcare professionals are actively managing their brands and patient reviews with the same seriousness as large consumer service companies in other industries. Again, a huge change for the healthcare professional. Now they have to focus on the outcome of a patient interaction (i.e, did I make them well?), while also considering the impact of the environment on the experience. Online resources like WebMD and Healthgrades amplify the importance of all aspects of the patient experience as it creates transparency and accessibility to a larger audience of consumers.

Healthcare experiences now occur in beautiful, specialized outpatient facilities located in close proximity to the patient’s home and life. Beautiful and functional design of healthcare facilities – starting from the floor up – plays a key role in ensuring the patient experience is optimized and can make the difference between a four-star and five-star rating.

Hit The Mark - Enhanced Resilient Tile

Hit The Mark – Enhanced Resilient Tile

Mohawk Group has the unique ability to positively impact the results of patient’s ratings on healthcare providers, which also impacts their ability to attract and retain patients. Healthgrades has collected nearly five million patient satisfaction surveys to help prospective patients choose a provider. Mohawk Group’s solutions for the healthcare segment have a direct impact on the following areas of the survey results:

  • Office environment, cleanliness, comfort, etc.
  • Staff friendliness and courteousness —good environment/good attitude
  • Total wait time (waiting and exam rooms) —waiting in a beautifully designed environment makes the time less obvious and less stressful for patients and families
  • Experience with the doctor —the interior space impacts the perceived quality of this interaction

When it comes to healthcare environments, it’s no secret that today’s designers rely on industry partners like Mohawk Group to ensure every aspect of a space’s interior design works together to enhance the patient experience. Mohawk Group provides value to healthcare and senior living facilities beyond the functional performance of the flooring. Great design coupled with functional performance contributes to the safety and well-being of patients and caregivers in facilities all over the world. Our flooring solutions positively impact the patient experience by providing a foundation that’s beautiful, sustainable and will stand the test of time.

Learn more about Mohawk Group’s solutions for the healthcare environment.

Mark Bischoff, Senior Vice President of Sales – Healthcare and Senior Living, Mohawk Group Mark Bischoff has over two decades of experience in the commercial flooring industry in field sales, product management, and sales management. He is proud to be part of a dynamic industry that positively impacts the way society interacts with the built environment. Mark holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio.