Flexlok_JAN2015_V1-1Want to move in to your newly carpeted space quickly? Cue in FlexLok. FlexLok is an installation tab system introduced to make life easy.  They enable you to install your carpet tile without wrestling with heavy buckets, handling sticky trowels or staring at messy clean ups.  At the end of the job there is no half-used bucket of glue – simply a small FlexLok box that can conveniently stores on the shelf for use at a later date. There is no down time for adhesive drying and virtually no VOC’s, so you’re good to go as soon as the last tile is laid. You see? We’ve got you covered.

The FlexLok system doesn’t try to hold the tile to the floor but rather locks each tile to the one surrounding it, creating a floating floor.  This makes it the perfect solution over raised flooring systems where access to the panels is required.  It also makes replacement simple.  Should any tile ever become damaged, just remove the damaged tile, grab a few FlexLok tabs and quickly replace the tile. You see? It’s that simple.

Dealing with a high moisture slab?  Not a problem for FlexLok.  Using the Flexlok system on our NXT backing enables you to install over 95%rh slabs with no sealer.

As the name would indicate, FlexLok is one of the most versatile installation systems in the industry.  Enjoy it for its simplicity and celebrate it for its benefits.  So, how’s that for making life easy?