Evansville-Vanderburgh Schools, the second largest school system in Indiana, has plenty of students—22,000 of them—and plenty of spaces with varying flooring needs. But, like all school districts, it is always short on time and money.

“We have 5 million square feet of building,” said Pat Tuley, CFO. “We have a lot of needs in terms of carpeting and flooring, and we know, since we’re not going to have money to replace carpet every 10 or 12 years, that we have to have a product that lasts.” 

Evansville-Vanderburgh needed a product that it could get quickly; installation had to be completed over the summer before students returned in fall. Durability and price played an important role in selecting flooring options. The solution for this tight project schedule? Quickship. With Quickship, Evansville-Vanderburgh had instant access to hundreds of ready-to-order products. All selections were available to ship within 10 business days, but many were in stock and ready to ship immediately.



The schools selected two Quickship products: Get Smart carpet tile and Select Step LVT plank. Both of these products perform well in demanding environments and are easy to maintain by the custodial staffs. Each Select Step plank features an enhanced urethane finish and heavy commercial wear layer so it does not require the use of acrylic polishes (a time and money saver); spills can be quickly and easily cleaned up. Get Smart is made of Duracolor premium nylon with EcoFlex NXT backingEcoFlex NXT carpet tile backing is impervious to moisture damage from spills and water extraction cleaning. Also EcoFlex NXT cushion-backed tiles are 40% better in reducing sound transmission than standard carpet. Students are better able to concentrate and learn better in quieter classrooms.


Fast delivery through Quickship, easy installation and quality, high-performance products on a modest budget. What more could you ask for? How about inspiration and safety? Educators know that the physical learning environment plays a key role in students’ academic success. It can spark creativity, foster collaboration and promote well-being. Get Smart’s engaging Kinesthetic pattern of modern crosshatching brings an energizing look to the schools.

“Mohawk’s turnaround time on this was unbelievable, and the Quickship product offering is amazing,” Tuley said. “We were able to give our principals multiple colors to choose from in both hard surface and soft surface. I was pleasantly surprised at the choices we had. I figured with a Quickship item we would be limited in color and style, but we did not find that to be the case. We found it to be just the opposite.”


The use of Get Smart also is creating a healthier environment for Evansville-Vanderburgh students. Get Smart includes a Declare label, which details the material ingredients of the product and its recyclability. It is CRI Green Label Plus Certified and Red List Free, which means it contains no chemicals that are harmful to living creatures or the environment. Evansville-Vanderburgh Schools will enjoy their new sustainable and beautiful Mohawk flooring for years to come—that gets high marks in anyone’s books.

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