Durkan’s hospitality designer shares the creative direction behind the vibrant and charismatic Täpid carpet collection, designed with a passionate interaction between color, form and history.

To see where Durkan Hospitality Field Designer Yelena Rodina derived her inspiration for our new Täpid collection, we have to look to the early nineteen hundreds – specifically to the history of avant-garde design as it was shaped by the 1917 Russian Revolution.

It was a period of artistic innovation influenced by the rise of Bauhaus-esque schools of art – arenas where new forms of art, such as Constructivism, were brought to life. Yelena credits her inspiration to the female artists of the era, such as Goncharova and Popova, who used strong geometric elements with movement or unexpected objects in unique, creative ways.

Tapid Hospitality Carpet Collection by Durkan

Her goal, says Yelena, was to combine avant-garde with folk-art. She achieved the effect through the use of polka dots.

She says, “While a single polka dot can feel like an obscure light emerging from a haze, a combination of many dots creates a force of energy and fluctuating rhythm.”

So Yelena stenciled polka dot designs on top of her art, playing with color and pattern by mixing in pops of colors as accents over a monochrome palette.

She credits Durkan’s Definity precision sculpting technology with helping her create a three-dimensional sculpted look with beautiful patterning and textures. Its enhanced surface detailing provides more than twice the definition of any other high-end hospitality carpet, redefining luxury performance.

Täpid was designed with movement in mind. It includes small texture patterns, making it easy for designers to combine patterns together so that multiple designs can flow together to harmoniously connect a space, such as the pre-function and intermittent rooms in ballroom design.

The white dots stenciled onto dazzling textured patterns evoke the infinite feeling of stars in the night sky. It’s a collection we’re certainly feeling starry-eyed about.

Tapid Hospitality Carpet Collection by Durkan

Täpid is also available in Durkan’s PDI and CYP constructions. See all of the patterns here and order a sample to see how Täpid can enhance your space!