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Design Discussions with HOK’s Jim Halloran

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We sat down with Jim Halloran of HOK Dallas to get his take on the future of the design industry.

Our Design Discussions series continues with designers who attended FWD, a place where we explore cultural trends and design influencers in an inspirational setting. We love to keep the conversations going, sharing design aspirations and what personally inspires these visionaries. 

What inspires you personally and professionally?

Several things influence me such as learning and teaching as much as I can every day, and finding a way to create solutions. My creativity is influenced by beautiful simplicity. I enjoy finding inspiration in my clients’ work, modern graphic art and bold texture. I might be inspired by a simple aspect of a client’s product to a simple rhythmic pattern in a  textile.


How do you stay current on cultural trends that affect design?

Read and observe as much as I can.

What’s next for the future of the design industry?

I feel the next big influencer in the design industry is creating environments that help to turn off and focus on the moment in the space we are in together. Touch and experience are affecting us more than they have been in the workplaces I create, and the clients are finally tuned in to this issue.

Which one building or interior space do you wish you had designed?

I would say not a specific project as much as a specific type. I would love to be involved in designing an interactive science museum. This is a type of space I enjoy so much, and creating an engaging environment to stimulate learning would be a an amazing project.

What are your most favorite things on your desk?

We just relocated the Dallas studio to a new space, and I am making do with less like the rest of the world.  You may laugh, but it is the Father’s Day office organizer I gave my dad in the 80s. He gave it to me as a gift when he retired (he’s had it in his office for all these years!), and its high tech 80s multi-function design is great. It has found a prominent place at my new work home.


Jim Halloran, LEED AP
Senior Associate – Practice Leader, Interiors, HOK

Jim has more than 17 years of interior design experience on projects ranging from corporate offices and conference facilities to performing arts centers and churches. As the lead designer for HOK’s interiors team in Dallas, Jim is responsible for developing creative design solutions that meet each project’s unique requirements. His recent work includes corporate headquarters projects for FedEx Office, GE Oil and Gas, and General Motors.