Exploring Relevant Cultural Themes and Trends Influencing Commercial Design

Our 2017-2018 Color + Design Vision explores four relevant cultural themes and trends affecting design today: Future Folk, Free Style, Material Culture and Return Home. We examine today’s design trends across multiple disciplines to see how they create new visual expression. By looking at these themes, we’ll also share the 2017-2018 color forecast while giving examples of how culture influences color and design direction.

Left to Right: Dutch Invertuals: Mila Chorbadzhieva, C.A.T.K., Marina Spetlova, Takafumi Arai, Abraham Cruzvillegas

Designkind: Material Culture

Our third theme in this series is Material Culture. Craft and materiality speak volumes about our culture and how we view ourselves in society. Technology has greatly affected materiality, especially as the virtual and physical are merging. We also look to real everyday objects and materials, to feel more connected to mankind and the past, and remind us of our basic humanity.

Left: Anton Alvarez, Upper Middle: Common Ground, Lower Middle: Will Yates Johnson, Right: Ara Peterson


Fernando Mastrangelo

Left: Jan En Randoald, Upper Middle: Takafumi Arai, Center: Giorgia Zanelatto, Lower Middle: Entropika, Right: Ports 1961

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