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Commercial Design Trends for 2017-18: Free Style

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Exploring Relevant Cultural Themes and Trends Influencing Commercial Design

Our 2017-2018 Color + Design Vision explores four relevant cultural themes and trends affecting design today: Future Folk, Free Style, Material Culture and Return Home. We examine today’s design trends across multiple disciplines to see how they create new visual expression. By looking at these themes, we’ll also share the 2017-2018 color forecast while giving examples of how culture influences color and design direction.

Commercial Design Trends

Designkind: Free Style

Today is about living life on your own terms. It’s about freedom from convention, creating your own experiences and personalizing your path in this on-demand life. The blurring of cultural boundaries and digital life have created space for people to pursue their own versions of their best selves. As such, people are more transient –globetrotting to seek balance and find purpose.

Commercial Design Trends

Living Spaces Huisaad Makkinen-Bay

Commercial Design Trends

Guided Meditation for Oculus Rift OcculusRift

Commercial Design Trends

AC17 12 Augmented Textiles by Kailu Guan

Commercial Design Trends

Quill Professional Virtual Reality Paint Package

Commercial Design Trends

Trakke Jero Yurt

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