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Color and Design Vision Series: Life In Layers

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We all lead a Life in Layers, which looks at the multidimensionality of our lives, cultures, and generations. Our world is layered with technology, digital overload and clutter. Life in Layers is about reclaiming ourselves, bringing nature back so we can begin to feel human again and hear the natural cycles and rhythms of our lives.


What are the buzzwords? Back to Nature, Stratification, Biophilia, Topography, Terrain, Dimension, Micro, Metallic, New Forms. Here’s how we see Life In Layers:


Products shown: Metal Morphic 999, Pop Icon 939, Matter LVT 917, Matter LVT 999

This is part of our larger Color and Design CEU program. To attend one of our CEU’s already scheduled or request a CEU, please contact your local Mohawk Group Account Executive.