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Color and Design Vision Series: Greater Good

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Color and Design Vision is where we share our vision for the coming year and half, forecasting what we believe are the leading concepts that have fueled our recent product development and inspire our customers with relevant, meaningful color and design trends.

We look what is happening in the world from a cultural context, studying social trends, demographics, and the economy. We do extensive research in all disciplines of design, art, pop culture, fashion, and technology in order to see a comprehensive picture of where things are headed. It must encompass scientific, social, emotional and spiritual thinking.

Greater Good incorporates the whole arena of sustainability and wellness for all. It shows us that our presence and involvement on the planet and in our own neighborhoods is a holistic one, encompassing ways to heal, stay healthy, and find balance, while providing stability and trust for each other.


What are the buzzwords? Sustainability, Wellness, Comfort, Shelter, Sharing, Soft Colors, Balance, Extreme Texture, Transparency, Organic. Here’s how we see Greater Good:


Products shown: A Premonition II 856, Diagonal Relief 929, Metal 859 (LVT), High Plane 929, Cool Serenade 895, La Belle Boucle 635

This is part of our larger Color and Design CEU program. To attend one of our CEU’s already scheduled or request a CEU, please contact your local Mohawk Group Account Executive.




  1. Can you provide photos of projects using your Premonition II vision carpet tile in each of the configuration options. Mostly quarter turn and monolithic?

    • Hello Tara and thank you very much for contacting us. It would be best to contact your local rep to see if they have any installations for this particular product. If you do not know your rep or need to get reacquainted with your rep, please visit our website to locate them Currently, we do not have any installations of this product in our installation library. Thank you!