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WHY Another Green Building Certification Program?

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WELL Building—the name itself is very intriguing and makes you want to take notice. This is exactly what is happening in the industry, where along with environmental impact, health and wellness has taken equal importance. You might wonder what relation do health and buildings have—health is more related to the food you eat and exercise you do. But the built environment can and does contribute to the health and wellness of occupants in more ways than you can imagine.

Delos, a pioneer in “Wellness Real Estate,” is the founder of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). The IWBI operates the WELL Building certification program, which is a green building certification program solely focused on human health and wellness. This is a unique program of its kind that has an intense holistic approach to the health and wellness of building occupants.

WHY another green building certification program?

Health and wellness is a complex issue and a comprehensive approach is needed to address this. Traditional method has shown that a health issue is only tackled when a person is sick. The rising medical costs and increase in number of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer have made people rethink about their lifestyle. More than ever before, people are more inclined to make lifestyle changes and take a preventative approach to health. Studies have shown that we spent 90% of our time indoors, and it is extremely important that our indoor environmental quality is enhanced to improve occupant health.

WELL strives to achieve extremely high standards of health in built environments through the various concepts of air, water, nourishment, fitness, comfort, light and mind.

As a building product manufacturer, Mohawk realizes the importance of our role and responsibility in contributing towards health and wellness in built environments. Below is a list of features within the WELL Building program that Mohawk Red List Free products would qualify towards.


Feature 04: VOC Reduction

Feature 25: Toxic Material Reduction

Feature 26: Enhanced Material Safety

Feature 28: Cleanable Environment

Feature 97: Material Transparency