With the chaos of 2015 finally coming to a close, we find ourselves seeking creature comforts and retreating into our homes for comfort and protection. A primitive grey palette has emerged to soothe our anxious souls and provide respite for our world-weary eyes that have been exposed to 24-7 streaming of news and images. Exaggerated block forms reinforce our need for stability, protection, and strength. Finishes are matte and textured, with rough-hewn edges as if hand-sculpted. We find inspiration and solace in these solid silhouettes, as they take us boldly into 2016.

Images above left to right: Matilda Norberg, Damien Ortega, Gliss Chair by Pedrali, Vases by Milia Seyppel for Karakter Copenhagen, Isamu Noguchi, Porsche


Our view of Grand Grey above left to right: Statement Stone in Clean Slate (Iconic Earth collection); A Different Angle in Graniform (Modern Dobby collection); Humble in Quest; Braided Texture in Essence; Bolder in Pebble (Hot and Heavy collection)