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A vibrant co-working space makes its mark for makers in Denver.

From the smoldering color palette of fuchsia and purple to the heavy tech aesthetic that highlights the type of creative process taking place, the SolderWorks co-making space in Denver, CO is forward-thinking in both design and function. Artfully designed by Kestrel Design Group, SolderWorks embodies the spirit of the talented local community all the way down to the bold company logo – the winning design conceived through an in-house logo contest.

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Whereas the bustling Denver metro area features an abundance of serviceable co-working spaces, SolderWorks meets the “co-making” need by providing rooms designed for printing, cutting and soldering in addition to workstations for individuals and office spaces for start-up companies.

The aforementioned winning logo design was inspired quite literally by the color of heated solder. These fierce, fiery shades permeate the space for a unique feel that sparks creative energy.

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Kestrel Design Group

Upon entering the SolderWorks reception area, makers are immediately greeted by an inviting lounge with merchandise space for members and a fireplace insert for instant coziness. The custom wall graphic in a pop of silver instantly brings the tech creation function of the space to the forefront while providing visual balance.

The striking visuals encompass every aspect of the design. Wanting to incorporate the vibrant brand colors in the flooring, the Kestrel team specified our Hustle and Bustle carpet tile for the space.

The space also needed a hard surface flooring solution with superior durability, making our popular Hot & Heavy collection a natural choice. Mohawk Group’s Grown Up LVT employs a registered emboss over high-definition wood visuals to create one of the most realistic wood textures in the industry today, lending a warm wood look that transitions seamlessly with our carpet tile.

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A unifying touch of orange is present throughout the co-working public spaces, and Kestrel took note to balance the purple hue inside individual offices with a softer, neutral feel– perfect for personalization by each individual company.

Kestrel also crafted functional working spaces with three different levels of desk space to accommodate the varied needs of members: Open office tables, sit/stand workstations, and sit/stand desks in private offices. Additional savvy design solutions keep work areas efficient without restricting space, while a striking architectural wall in the offices creates an open, airy feel.

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For the perfect space to recharge and remerge with inspired ideas, the thoughtful breakroom utilizes texture and materials flawlessly and purposefully. Kestrel’s forward-thinking approach is especially evident in the angled tile backsplash by Crossville Glass Blox, brilliantly mimicking Colorado’s signature mountainous landscape.

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The pendant lights by Visual Interest were specifically chosen for their ability to inject the SolderWorks brand color scheme with a sophisticated feel. Restaurant-style seating and semi-private booths were added with power access above, allowing the spaces to double as rentable meeting locations.

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What we love most about Solderworks? The cohesive attention to design detail. Each thoughtfully considered selection combines to produce an overall layout that not only pays homage to the solder theme but pays tribute to the community and creative processes that live here.

This wholly dynamic workplace is personal yet professional– distinctive without distracting. Much like the process it’s named for, SolderWorks represents a stylish, progressive fusion of favorable elements.

It’s also proof of an evolving workplace. Thanks to generational shifts (we’re talking about you, millennials) and technological advancements, employers are rethinking the modern workplace. Find out why you should be giving consideration to flexible space planning – and what might actually help boost employee productivity – in our whitepaper on The Evolving Workplace.

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This project profile was originally shared through Kestrel Design Group’s newsletter and appears here courtesy of the Denver-based firm.

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