There has been an increased interest in materials and materiality in design. Emerging trends have risen around marble and stone patterns. Concurrently, we are seeing a trend in the use of terrazzo. Terrazzo is an age-old agglomerate or composite material, meaning it has a base and suspended particles. The base is usually a cementitious binder that holds chips of another material. Traditionally these chip particles are marble or other stones, but in the age of green design these chips have been replaced by recycled glass, sea shells, or other items.

Terrazzo has long been associated with formal architecture and grand public buildings, and of course diners. It had a comeback in the 80s with the Memphis design movement. Today, we are seeing a resurgence in art, fashion, and interiors of the use of terrazzo as both pattern and material, no doubt due to the idea of what call “Merge” – a design aesthetic influenced by the clashing of culture, visuals, and historical references. The notion of this composite material is being rendered in different formats and treatments, from digital prints, molded forms, compressed layering, and painted pattern. Designers are exploring both the traditional material as well as new variations.

Above images from left to right: Jack Henry; Acne Studios; Kueng Caputo; Max Lamb for Kitsune; Bentu Design; Kimiko Sekido

Here’s our selection of Mohawk Group products that reflect this trend:


Above images from left to right: Iconic Earth’s Statement Stone in color Daring Drift; Stonewalk in color Concrete Grey; Dotted Infusion in color Profile; Spatial in color Ore

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