As 2016 begins, we remain steadfast in our goals for a healthy and prosperous New Year, all while reflecting back on the year that was. With a new year comes new resolutions to look and feel our best. Today’s trend of natural wood framed mirrors and clothing stands/coat racks fit right in with our desire to embrace health and wellness at home, with a sense of organization and style. The master of this trend is Japanese design firm Nendo, who creates beautiful, simple, and minimal objects for the home and office that always amaze. Their craftsmanship and clean styling is perfect for a fresh new year filled with hope and promise.

Images above left to right: Nendo for Conde House, Moving Mountains, Nendo, Piergil Fourquie, Meike Langer, Nendo for Conde House


Our view of Mirror Mirror above left to right: Existence in color Exploration; Hustle and Bustle in color Uptown; Sheer Exposure in color Appear; Morikato in color Kabuki; Colorbeat in color Eggshell

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